Positive and Negatives (Discuss the positive and negative consequences of contact between China and European powers during this period)

There is a range of both positive and negative consequences of contact between contact between China and Europe. Some of the positive and negative effects include…
More trade routes were opened,
Banks were being built to help boost the economy,
Many uprisings were started in China,
New religions that were not traditional Chinese began and created drama.

Contact between China and Europe had a range of positive effects including that more trade routes were opened and China’s economy was being boosted. The Boxer Protocol helped in both of these as foreign powers used the Chinese money to build new railways and bridges, this helped to make trade in China easier to move through the provinces. Banks were also built with the Chinese money to help boost the economy. The foreigners were taking control and began to build a new, modernised economy in China.

Although there were positives of contact between China and Europeans, there were also negatives to it. Some negatives to contact between China and Europe include that it sparked many uprisings in China and that the Europeans were bringing new religions and traditions that created drama with the Chinese. New religions created drama’s with the Chinese as they were used to their traditional system and were not happy with the Europeans bringing new religions. Many uprisings were created in China over various reasons including government, religions and trade.



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