How china was changed (Explain how China was changed by its contact with Europeans)

Straight after the Boxer Rebellion, foreign powers imposed a settlement on Chinese government called the Boxer Protocol. China had to pay 450 million taels (Chinese economy), on for every Chinese subject. This would be translated to about $6 billion AUD today.

Some of the money paid by the Chinese was redirected by foreign powers to be spent in China. The foreigners used the money to set up banks and build railways and bridges, in a form of compulsory modernisation. After the Boxer Rebellion, Empress Dowager Cixi realised that she had to modernise the government. She agreed to a wide range of reforms including the abolition of the government examination system and the introduction of a democratic form of government, but this was not implemented.

It is also suggested by historians that the Boxer uprising was the first sign of a modern Chinese nationalism, it was a growing awareness that China was a nation. This was quite different from the traditional belief that China was an empire made up of different lands and ethnic groups, with loyalty to an emperor or dynasty. Nationalists believed that Chinese people should have a say in running their country, they also believed it should be governed for the people’s benefit.


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